Activate SSMSBoost SSMS add-in

Generate Activation key

Here you can request activation key for professional or free community edition.
You can check version comparison page for detailed information about differences between both editions.

Activation steps:

  • Download and install SSMSBoost
  • Run SSMS, go to SSMSBoost->About/License dialog
  • You can activate SSMSBoost directly from the About/License dialog if your SSMS installation has Internet access. You can switch to SSMSBoost and complete activation there.
  • If your SSMS installation does not have direct Internet access, please copy User/Machine token from the About/License dialog and paste it in the form below.
  • Fill-in remaining fields and click "Request activation key". Activation Key will arrive shortly per e-mail. Should you not receive the key within several minutes, please check your SPAM folder and verify that you have provided the valid e-mail address.
  • Obtained Activation Key can be re-used multiple times if you work under same user account on several machines (Laptop, Workstation, Remote Desktop on Server)

(Leave empty if you want to receive Free Community license)
(Please verify your Email address carefully)
(Provided in SSMSBoost About/License form)
Activation key will be shortly sent to specified Email address.