SSMS Results Grid data Visualizers

Feature allows to export & view files or some big amounts of text or XML data from tables (like files from document storage of sharepoint services). Required data should be simply output to Results Grid. By right-clicking the cell with required value and selecting "Visualize As->.." you can tell to save data to file with predefined name and open it with custom or default application. No matter that SSMS truncates long data from VARBINARY/VARCHAR fields when displaying them in Results Grid: SSMSBoost works with internal storage of SSMS and extracts complete cell value. Below you can see how a picture from [LargePhoto] field of [Production].[ProductPhoto] table from [AdventureWorks] database is being visualized:

SSMS Results Grid Visualizers

There is actually no magic: in Settings dialog you can configure list of Visualizers. You define Visualizer name, file extension for saving data and also an application, used to open saved files. If you leave Application path empty SSMSBoost will perform "Shell.Open" - forcing windows to open file using associated application.
There is a trick for using this feature: if your field keeps images of different types like .bmp, .png, .jpg, etc., then you do not have to define own visualizer per type. Just define visualizer "Picture" and extension to save ".pic". Then associate in Windows .pic with windows picture viewer. Picture viewer will analyze contents of .pic and display image correctly, no matter if it is .jpg or .bmp. This trick might also work with other picture viewers or other programs.