Features list / SSMSBoost version comparison

This page lists all functionality, provided by SSMSBoost add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. Table below provides some digest descriptions. Clicking on the name of the specific feature you will get more details about it's functionality. Note, that there are some differences between functionality of Free and Professional versions. See table below for reference. Licensing terms are additionally described at the bottom of the table.

The best way to learn SSMSBoost functionality is to install it and study SSMSBoost menu, that will appear on the SSMS Menu bar. We also recommend checking SSMSBoost settings, as far as they contain settings almost on every function provided by SSMSBoost.

Features Community (Free) Professional
Preferred connections
  • Connection aliases
  • Connection coloring
  • Active and passive protection of important databases by visual warning and blocking of critical DML without WHERE clause
  • Fixed SSMS issue with "Additional connection parameters"
  • Automatically connect object explorer on startup
  • Automatically open empty script window on startup
  • Note, that in Community Edition the number of preferred connections is limited by 2
Checked Checked
Quick Connection Switch
Drop-down on toolbar, allowing to switch connections between servers
Checked Checked
Connection Coloring
Adjust the color of the Status Bar, depending on current connection
Checked Checked
Important Database alert
Get additional visual alert when connected to important databases
Checked Checked
Auto-connect to databases at startup
SSMSBoost can create empty query windows connected to your favorite databases on startup
Checked Checked
Auto-open new query window(s) at startup
you can start SSMS with Object Explorer connected to your favorite databases
Checked Checked
Set Connection from Object Explorer
Set active SQL Editor connection directly from Object Explorer
Checked Checked
Copy full object name from Object Explorer
Copy fully-qualified object name from Object Explorer to clipboard
Checked Checked
Script Object
Open source code of object located at cursor position in sql editor. Shortcut: [F2]
Equal to "Go To Definition" function in Visual Studio. Object script is opened in "well-named" tab, containing object name and other information (customizable)
Checked Checked
Edit Top N Table Rows
Open table data editor directly from SQL Editor. SSMS function available in Object Explorer now in context menu of SQL Editor.
Checked Checked
Locate Object
Quickly find object located at cursor position in object explorer. Shortcut: [Ctrl-F2]
Checked Checked
Track current database
Focus current database in Object Explorer
Checked Checked
Auto replacements or "snippets" allow you to write frequently used SQL commands more quickly
Checked Checked
Custom SSMS window title
Show filename, server/database of current document in SSMS title - template is customizable
Checked Checked
Advanced objects search
Search for objects across databases and servers using wildcards
Checked Checked
Select Current Statement
You can quickly select and run current SQL Statement (Shift-F5)
Checked Checked
Quick navigation through BEGIN/END blocks
Checked Checked
Jump between COLUMN/VALUE within INSERT statement
Quick navigation between corresponding COLUMNs and VALUEs within INSERT statement
Checked Checked
Comment/Uncomment selection using /**/
1-click Comment/Uncomment selected SQL code using /**/ syntax
Checked Checked
You can re-use well-known syntax:
--#region [Name]
Checked Checked
SQL code formatting
Format SQL Code using 2 different formatting engines:
  SSMSBoost formatting engine: feature rich, multi-template
  Old, but popular "Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter" as external formatting engine
Checked Checked
Results Grid Scripting
Flexible Template-based Results Grid Scripting: define your own export format for results from grid
Checked Checked
Copy Results Grid data to Excel
Right-click data in Results Grid and copy it to Excel preserving data formats.
Checked Checked
Find in Results Grid
Search for values in results grid using wildcards
Checked Checked
Find Columns in Results Grid
Find column in Results Grid
Flexible search for columns in all Result Grids
Checked Checked
Copy Results Grid Headers
Allows to copy column names from results grid directly (all or headers of selected cells)
Checked Checked
Copy cell data from ResultsGrid 1:1
Copies strings and data from results grid preserving line breaks and in full length
Checked Checked
Copy as SQL values List
Copy as comma-delimited list, which can be used in WHERE statement
Checked Checked
Results Grid data Visualizers
Visualize any data saved in cells: Pictures, Office Documents, PDF Files, etc
Checked Checked
Recent connections
SSMSBoost keeps track of last used databases/servers and allows to restore previous connections.
Checked Checked
Recent Tabs
Autorecovery of recent tabs, including unsaved documents and their connections. Includes "Restore last closed tab" feature known from Internet browsers
Checked Checked
Recent Sessions
Autorecovery of recent sessions, including unsaved documents and their connections
Checked Checked
SQL Editor contents history
Keep snapshots of SQL Editor contents, while working on SQL Scripts. It is much better than built-in UNDO, as far as it is permanently saved on disk and can be opened anytime later
Checked Checked
Executed SQL Statements History
Keep track of executed SQL Statements, including additional information about execution context, result and duration.
Checked Checked
Workspaces management
Grouped frequently used documents info Workspaces (or Projects)
Checked Checked
Vertical guidelines
Display one or more vertical lines in SQL Editor to keep length of your code lines under control
Checked Checked
Fatal actions guard
Protects you from running DML statements (UPDATE,DELETE) without WHERE clause. TRUNCATE TABLE is handled as well.
Checked Checked
Run as Database Query (.dqy) in Excel
1-click query export to Excel for further processing
Checked Checked
Intellisense Completion Fix
Fixes SSMS 2012 "Intellisense autocompletion" option persistence.
Checked Checked
Results Grid Aggregates
Calculate inplace SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT over selected cells in Results Grid
Checked Checked
Post-Execution Handlers
Stay notified when long-running queries execution completes.
Checked Checked
Transactions Guard
Displays a warning whenever SQL Editor has uncommitted transactions
Checked Checked
Define simple sequences of using existing SSMS and third-party commands and assign shortcuts to them
Checked Checked
Manage keyboard shortcuts
Define/Re-Define keyboard shortcuts
  In SSMS Versions 2008-2014 using our custom Shortcut editor
  In SSMS Versions 2016 and later using integrated editor
Checked Checked
Dump all SSMS commands and shortcuts
Outputs full list of SSMS native and third-party commands along with their shortcuts. Saves you a lot of time, if you are looking for some specific command or all commands related to some specific keyword (like "regions").
Checked Checked
Update Checker
Automatically check for newer SSMSBoost versions
Checked Checked
Supported versions of SQL Server Management Studio SSMS 2018 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2017 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2016 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2014 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2012 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2008 R2 32 and 64 bit editions
SSMS 2008 32 and 64 bit editions

Professional license offers following benefits:
  • One time activation, no limits, you are free to decide when to make upgrades.
  • One year of updates is included with your purchase.
  • New on-line licenses management platform is ready for small and large team needs.
  • As Licensing administrator you will get separate token for every purchased license. You can distribute tokens in your team, without distributing master account information.
  • Possibility to deactivate already activated licenses for migration purposes (hardware upgrades, passing the license to other employee)
  • SSMSBoost team keeps releasing the add-in on constant basis since 2012, in average publishing new version every 3 months. There are over 40.000 users in more than 15.000 companies worldwide using our software.
  • Here is link to EULA
Free Community Edition mode has following conditions:
  • Trial mode lasts for 30 days and does not require any activation
  • All features are available in trial mode
  • To continue usage after trial mode expiration you can request Free community license or buy the Professional License
  • Users with community license need to download fresh version at least every 4 months (120 days)
  • Whenever we release new version, trial mode restarts from the beginning, even if it was expired. This means, that free community license users get full access to all SSMSBoost features for 30 days after every release