Results Grid Aggregates

Excel has a perfect function, which allow users to select several cells and see their SUM in the status bar. Well, SSMSBoost adds even more advanced Aggregates functionality to Results Grid:
All you need to do is to select a range of cells. SSMSBoost activates Aggregates windows and starts displaying aggregates. By clicking checkboxes below the calculated results you can select which aggregates to calculate: SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, COUNT NULLS, DISTINCT COUNT, AVG.
Please note, that some aggregates are data type-specific and will not be calculated (like there is no SUM for Strings).
Aggregates window, like most of other SSMSBoost windows is dockable floating pane, which can be docked in SSMS environment like any other window. You have to size/dock it when it appears for the first time.
There are some fine-tuning options available under SSMSBoost Settings->Grid Aggregates. Make sure you check them and choose best settings for your usage case.

SSMS results grid aggregates