Regions in SQL Server Management Studio !

SSMSBoost adds the possibility to use common regions syntax in SQL Editor:

--#region [Name]

Regions will be recognized and processed by our add-in and expand/collapse symbols will be placed near a region head.
Regions functionality is available at SSMSBoost->Query->Regions:

Following commands are available:

  • Create region creates unnamed region. If you run it with some part of code selected - it will be wrapped into newly created region.
  • Create named region creates a region with a name:

    If you run it when some part of code is selected - it will be wrapped into a newly created region.

    SSMSBoost regions in SSMS

  • Reparse/Refresh regions forces re-processing of the current document. All regions will be recreated. This can be necessary if you apply massive changes to the document. Regions are parsed automatically when a script is opened in the editor.
Make sure you check SSMSBoost->Settings->Regions for fine-tuning options. For example, you can customize region Start and End markers.