Results Grid Scripter (Flexible Template-based Scripting)

Results Grid Scripter allows to script data using flexible scripting templates to clipboard or to disk.
For example, to export & open contents of results grid in Excel you need a few clicks (also see picture below):
  • Right click results grid
  • Select "Script data as" command
  • Select "Excel (MS XML Spreadsheet)"
  • Choose between "All grids", "Current grid" or "Selection"
  • Choose "To Disk"
  • After scripting is done click displayed link to open created document in Excel (this step is not displayed on the picture)

Additional Scripting options

Existing templates can be fully customized and new templates can be added under:
Extras->Settings->"Results Grid:Scripter Templates".
Read template properties description in configuration dialog for more information about specific properties.
Use existing templates as samples to experiment and create your own templates.
Post your templates at our forum if you have created useful ones and want to share them with others.

Results grid scripter feature is shipped with following predefined templates:

  • Property:Value - copies results as ColumnName:Value
  • WHERE Column=Value - selected values are copied as 'WHERE (ColumnName=Value) OR ...' allowing to generate WHERE filters quickly by selecting required column values
  • WHERE ColumnName IN (value1,value2..) - generates WHERE ColumnName in (Value1,..) filter based on selected values
  • Excel (MS XML Spreadsheet) - saves results in MS XML Spreadsheet format, that can be easily opened in MS Excel.
    Values preserve their data types: If you export telephone numbers to Excel, they will not be treated as formulas anymore !
  • INSERT INTO #tmpres EXEC sp_storedProc - quickly generates temporary table declaration, that can be used to insert execution results of stored procedure.
  • SELECT - scripts results as SELECT VALUES statement. It is some kind of table data exported as script. Datatypes are preserved.
  • XML - results are saved as pure XML document
  • HTML table - results are saved as HTML Table

It is reasonable to try each provided template at least once to understand it's purpose better.