Preferred connections: "remember" favorite servers/databases

This functionality may be very convenient for those who have to deal with several servers on a daily basis. Preferred connections allow you to remember your favorite servers/databases and pre-configure several connection settings.

Preferred connections list in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

Following options can be configured under SSMSBoost ->Settings->Preferred connections->List:

  1. Connection alias

    Server names are often too long and difficult to percept, memorize and operate (like To fix this inconvenience SSMSBoost added the possibility of defining user friendly Server Display Names to the original server names: -> DEVELOPMENT -> PRODUCTION

  2. Additional Connection Parameters

    Sometimes you need to specify additional parameters to establish connection with a server. SSMS basiс functionality does not provide space for the storage of these parameters forcing you to enter strings manually every time you connect to your server. SSMSBoost allows you to predefine and save Additional Connection Parameters once and for all.

  3. Connect Object Explorer at Startup

    Choose this parameter if you need SSMS to automatically start with Object Explorer connected

  4. Open empty query window at Startup

    Choose this parameter if you need SSMS to automatically start with an empty query window opened

  5. Status Bar Connection Color

    Color coding is a very effective method that improves and speeds up the perception of visual information. SSMSBoost adds this feature to help you rapidly distinguish between development (e.g. green) and production databases (e.g. red). Any RGB color can be chosen. If you define color for a preferred connection where no database is specified this color will be applied whenever any database from that server is active. SSMSBoost tracks connection changes and selects the relevant color on every reconnection.

    Define custom colors for connections in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

  6. Important DB Alert

    This feature uses the same color coding method and protects you from occasional data modifications in production environments. As soon as you change connection to the database for which this option is enabled a warning message will appear.

    Important database alert in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

    Text, color, width and the position of the warning message are fully customizable, you can use the following replacement tokens: {@Server}, {@Database}, {@User}, \r, \n, \t.
    To configure message position go to SSMSBoost -> Settings -> Important DB Alerts.

  7. Fatal Actions Guard Mode

    Fatal Actions Guard is an SSMSBoost security tool that parses scripts executed in SSMS and checks for potentially dangerous statements. You can configure Fatal Actions Guard mode individually for each preferred connection
For your convenience we have also provided the possibility of adding databases displayed in Object Explorer to Preferred Connections by right-clicking on the node and selecting "Add to preferred connections":

The list of your Preferred Connections will be displayed on the main toolbar in Quick connection switch drop-down that allows you to switch between connections instantly.

The order in Quick Connections Switch drop-down and the maximum number of recent connections can be configured at SSMSBoost->Settings->Preferred Connections

Note, that in Free Community Edition the number of preferred connections is limited to 2.