Preferred connections: "remember" favorite servers/databases

If you have to deal with several servers on daily basis - this functionality is for you.
Preferred connections allow you to remember your favorite servers/databases and pre-configure several options. Connections can be managed in SSMSBoost Settings->Preferred connections
Preferred connections list in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

Following options can be defined:
  • Connection alias: sometimes server names are too long and are difficult to memorize, like "". In this case you can define display name, like> DEVELOPMENT> PRODUCTION
  • Additional connection Parameters
  • can be specified and they will be remembered forever. (This is a known issue with SSMS, that connection parameters are not remembered)
  • define if SSMSBoost should connect object explorer on start-up
  • define if SSMSBoost should open empty script window on start-up
  • Custom status bar color. It will help you to distinguish between development (=green) and production databases (=red) quickly. If you define color for preferred connection, where no database is specified, this color will be applied whenever any database from that server is active.
    SSMSBoost tracks connection changes and re-picks correct color on every change.
    Define custom colors for connections in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

  • 'Important DB Alert' helps you to protect your production environments: as soon as you change connection to the database that has this option turned on, a warning Tooltip will appear (text, color and position are customizable). You can use following replacement patterns: {@Server}, {@Database}, {@User}, \r, \n, \t.
    Note, that Tooltip location can be defined under "Important DB Alerts" page in SSMSBoost Settings. Below you can see how does alert look like:
    Important database alert in SSMS with SSMSBoost add-in

    This feature can protect you from occasional data modifications in live environments and can actually save you time or even your job ! :)
  • You can quickly add database displayed in Object Explorer to preferred connections by right-clicking on it's node and selecting "Add to preferred connections"
Once you have defined the list of your preferred connections, they will be displayed in Quick connection switch drop-down on the toolbar, which allows you to switch connections instantly.

Note, that in Free Community Edition the number of preferred connections is limited by 2.