Find column in Results Grid

SSMSBoost offers search for columns in all currently displayed Results Grids (there can be several result sets returned by query).
  • Search using wildcards
  • Double-click the column to focus it in the corresponding grid
  • Select column name in results and press CTRL-C to copy it's name
  • Column data type, precision and NULLability are displayed in results set. Yes - now you know exact data types of the result set.
  • Quickly switch to Find in Results Grid dialog, using button at the bottom
  • You can always press Ctrl-F in SSMS Results Grid to start Data/Column search. Both windows have a quick switch button on the bottom.

Note, that this is dockable windows pane, that you can doc exactly as other SSMS panes and it will remember it's location. On first use you have to find a suitable place for this useful window in your SSMS environment.