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Dear users, we are sorry, that we did not manage to release SSMS 2016 support by 1-st of August: there were simply too many things to do.
Current plan is:
-SSMSBoost v3.0 beta will be released within next week. It will support all SSMS 2008-2014 versions.
-While you check the beta we will complete and release the new version of website with new licensing engine (which will be already integrated but temporary deactivated in v3.0 beta)
-Release of SSMSBoost v.3.0
-Release of SSMSBoost v.3.1 with support of SSMS 2016

Now details:
We had already working version for SSMS 2016 but it was for SSMS 2016 Release Candidate. Early April Microsoft moved SSMS to VS2015 Isolated Shell platform, which is actually a very good technological step into the future, but requires some significant rework of menus and commands and some other internal stuff. Additionally, all add-ins now must be “approved” by Microsoft.
Our fault was, that we were too concentrated on features and did not expect, that such a breaking change will be done just 2 months before the official release date (well, similar breaking change was already just before the release of SSMS 2014). As we started to prepare beta-release, we downloaded latest versions and patches and noted, that our beta is out of date and does not work anymore...

What we have already:
-"Whitelisted" by Microsoft, so SSMSBoost can load into SSMS 2016
-working version of SSMSBoost with 90% of features working under SSMS 2016

What needs to be done:
-serious changes required in menus/commands management, particularly our "macros" editor
-all icons must be re-created/migrated
-a couple of features must be updated to work under new shell

We plan start publishing the Beta, as soon as we have migrated the menus (otherwise you will not be able to call the features). Expectation is 1 month.
I will post updates here, as soon as we progress.

By the way, just to give the feeling about the complexity, currently there are 3 "different" implementations of SSMSBoost:
-for SSMS 2008/R2 (with small differences between non-R2 and R2)
-for SSMS 2012/2014 (with small differences between 2012/2014)
-for SSMS 2016

Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.

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SSMS 2016 Support is added in v3.0 Beta. Check this link: 
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