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I have a table of 224000 rows that I query with a GROUP BY to generate some 200 separate queries.
I select and run these 200 queries which give me 200 result grids.

I am able with SSMSboost/Script Data to export All Grids to a single xml file, which is almost a 1 GB is size, with a separate tab for every grid. The file is too large for Excel to handle well.

However, what I need is for each grid to be exported to it's own separate file, resulting in 200 xml files, and for each filename to be based on a value in the grid (first value of specific column).

Can this be achieved?
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Update: I managed to find the way to cause each grid to be written to a separate file. And I also learned how to edit/tweek the scripting template to my needs.

Now all I'm missing is a way to have the filename based on a value from the grid e.g. value of third column, first row. I imagine this should be a feature request, and perhaps a tricky one (possible illegal characters/length for filename).
Can I submit this somewhere as a feature suggestion?
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Hello saintnick,
Nice that you have figured out the "Save granularity" option of scripting template.
And yes - what you need is feature request. I added it to our pool and we will evaluate if it can be implemented with reasonable effort.
Thank you for your proposal.
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