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Hey everyone at SSMSBoost,

I use the preferred connections list and it speeds up everything by 1000%.

I have many DBs that I use and I put them all in alphabetical order.

The problem is, the only option to move a connection up or down is with the up and down arrows. If I have a new DB I'm saving, the default save spot is at the bottom, and I have to press the mouse button a hundred times to get to the top to move the DB into it's position.

Is there any new design that can be implemented here?? Maybe a numbering system, and you can enter where you want it to fall.

Say I have 50 DBs, each one has a number corresponding to it's row in the new column (labled order number or something) for a number relating to it's row. I can enter which row number I want the new DB to be located by typing that in the 'edit connection' area and when I save it, it jumps to that row and everything else moves down??


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