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Currently -- if there are multiple SELECT statements in the same query window and the user wishes to run only one of the queries -- the user must either highlight the statement they would like to execute, or comment out all statements they wish not to execute, prior to hitting F5. Would it be possible to add a feature that would not require one of these two conditions, but rather would allow the user to execute the block of code the cursor is touching by hitting SHIFT+F5 (or other customizable shortcut)? This feature is included in Toad for Oracle and came in very handy (I believe the shortcut in that app was SHIFT+ENTER).

In other words, if my query window looks like this. . .
(the ^ symbol indicates cursor position)

FROM Customer

FROM Orders

FROM Department

FROM Products

. . . hitting the shortcut would result in only showing the contents of the 'Orders' table in the result set.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hello Adam,
the feature is "nice to have". I will check if we can implement it. Already now I know, that we will have to implement kind of "select current statement" command and then couple it with "execute command". So after execution the executed statememt will be highlighted by selection.
We'll see if we manage to implement it.
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Hi Andrei,

Just wondering if there has been (or can be) any additional consideration of this feature. True enough this is a nice-to-have, but would be a convenient time saver for users.

Thanks again!

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Please add me to those who would love to see you add this feature to SSMSBoost!

Thanks to another addin, whose only purpose was providing this functionality, I got very addicted to using ctrl+shift+e to run the my "current" SQL statement. Unfortunately, that addin hasn't been updated to work with SSMS 2014 (and from the lack of replies from the author, I doubt it ever will be).
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