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Was just trying your product and really liked it, but then installed SSMS 2014 and it all went away. I just browsed the forum a bit and didn't see anything on when support would be added for 2014.


Matt Wickless
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Hello Matt,
We will implement support for SSMS 2014 soon. We are working on it.
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Hi there!
I understand that once more Microsoft has broken the ssms add-ins compatibility.
I'm a happy user of ssmsboost on ssms 2012 and want to keep it, but want also to be able to use ssms 2014 on the same machine. However, it crashes at start because trying to load ssmsboost. Is there a way to remove ssmsboost from ssms2014 and keep it in ssms 2012?
Philippe Raemy
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Is there any sort of soft release date when SSMS Boost would be available for SQL Server 2014
I love the product and find it useful in so many ways in my day to day dealings with SSMS.

I want to use SSMS 2014 and this is the last add-on for SSMS that I use religiously.
I cannot wait till you announce that day!!!
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I adapted SSMS 2012 Extender to group schemas for views and and synonyms as well. Could you give us some tips on what general type of changes 2014 brought about that might require full reworking for compatibility? Is it just repointing to a new registry location, or have many api's and other functionalities been broken?
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