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Some of our developers use Visual Studio to edit SQL code and some use Management Studio. Does the add-in work in both environments?

Also, just as a matter of curiosity, is there a lot of code in common between Management Studio and Visual Studio such that it's easy (or even trivial) to write an add-in that supported in both environments? Or does it depend on the add-in (e.g., maybe those that work in a SQL editing window are easier to write than those that interact with the object browser.)

Feel free to ignore the second paragraph, especially if it's not easy to answer, since it doesn't relate to your product per se. I'm just curious.

Thanks for any responses.
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SSMS is kind of greatly limited and customized Visual Studio shell. It uses same technology, but a lot of features and interfaces are disabled or implemented differently. Generally it should be easier to write an add-in for VS as far as it is documented, but it must be additionally supported. We do not plan to do so in nearest future but I will note your inquery and wait if other requests will come.
Richard Parfitt
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I see it's been a long time since this was discussed here but I've just encountered the same situation - I'm an SSMS user but would have a lot of benefit in switching to Visual Studio. I'd hate to lose the SSMS Boost functionality - is there any progress on this?

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