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I've been using SSMS Boost for several years year now, but this is my first forum post.

I have what is probably a really stupid problem, but have not been able to resolve for the life of me.

When I run a query and return results, the Grid View always include the Aggregates at the bottom of every query result. This feature isn't exceedingly useful for me, as I primarily deal with non-numeric fields. The issue I have with it is when running multiple queries at once, the aggregates show for every result set. Depending on the number of queries run in the same execution, it will routinely cover the text of the results requiring me to resize every one of them to view what I'm pulling. (Picture Below)

When returning dozens of result sets (Damn the developers who wrote these stored procedures and their proclivity for iterative outputs) it makes resizing everything to view it painful.

So I attempted to disable the option, but am only able to find the setting to disable the pop out window, not the Aggregates in the result pane.

Does anyone know if it's possible to disable this feature and if so, how?

Thomas Franz
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I'd guess that you are using another SSMS Addon too, since the result grid aggregates of SSMS Boost will be shown in a separate window (that you e.g. can dock onto the left / right side or move to a second monitor)
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