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If you are interested in upcoming releases and want to participate in public beta-testing you can subscribe to this thread.
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v 2.4 was released today. See changelog for more Info.
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v2.5 Released

NOTE: if you update to v2.5 from v2.3 you have to uninstall v2.3 first !
-Improvement: Added progress indication for ResultsGrid scripter operations
-Improvement: Added possibility to jump to settings direct from ResultsGrid
Visualizers and ResultsGrid scripter menue.
-Improvement: SSMSBoost functionality worked previously only for files with .sql
extensions. Now it works for all extensions, configured to be edited with
Query Editor (SSMS Tools->Settings->Text Editor)
-Improvement: Preferred connections settings: added up/down buttons allowing
to sort connections
-Improvement: Settings editor has now "duplicate" function for
Preferred Connections and ResultsGrid scripting templates
-Improvement: Added possibility to set width of "Important Database" alert tooltip
-Fix: Autoreplacements triggering sometimes ignored whitespace
-Fix: Shortcuts with special keys did not work on International versions of SSMS
-Fix: Newly created objects were not visible to "locate" and "script" commands
-Fix: Sorting in Objects Search dialogue. Click on column sorts results now
-Fix: Preferred connections settings: It is possible to set "Datatabse"
property to empty, enabling alerter and "connection color" feature to work
for all databases on the specified server.
-Fix: In SSMS2012 user can drag-n-drop columns in grid, changing their order.
SSMSBoost previously did not recognize changed order and scripted data from
other columns if order was changed.
-Fix: If SSMSBoost Settings.xml file is corrupt it will be re-created using
default settings
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Here we are:
Beta-Release v2.6 

Links are active until release to public.

Important for v 2.5 users: to get updated "ResultsGrid:Scripting Templates" please after installation go to settings and delete ALL Scripting templates and restart SSMS. New default improved templates will be created. One of them is template that allows to get all results grid into Excel with 1 click !

Changelog v 2.6

-Jump to parent BEGIN or END statement in SQL code.
Command is available via Ctrl+Shift-UpArrow / Ctrl+Shift-DownArrow shortcuts or via SQL Editor context menue.

-Added support for Registered Servers functionality of SSMS (View->Registered Servers):
-Added "Expand All"/"Collapse All" commands to "Local Server Groups" context menue as well as for all subfolders.
-Added commands to context menue of registered servers:
-Set as active connection - makes connection active in current SQL Editor window
-Add to preferred connections - adds registered server to SSMSBoost preferred connections list

-New GridScripter functionality:
-right clicking grid results allows to select range for data scripting:
-selected data in current grid
-all data from current grid
-data from all returned grids
-added possibility to specify output file name using flexible templates
-added data-type specific formatting
-new setting "Save Granularity", allowing to specify when to begin scripting into new file. Choose between
-Row (generates one output file per row)
-Block (Selection or Grid)
-Entire (all output is scripted into one file)
-Post-process scripted values usage in SQL/HTML or XML documents,encoding special symbols
-IMPORTANT: GridScripter templates were updated to re-use the full power of new functionality. If you
upgrade from v2.5 and already have Scripting Templates which you did not modify, we advise you to
DELETE all of them, using Settings dialogue. After restart of SSMS environment SSMSBoost will fill
Scripting Templates collection with default templates.

-Increased interval for community edition updates to 120 days. (Presious value was 45)

-Improved connection coloring logic (Status bar coloring logic), concerning Registered Servers support.
Status bar color for current connection of SQL Editor window will be determined in following sequence:
-Match current database with databases from preferred connections
-Match current database with databases from registered servers
-Match current server with servers from preferred connections
-Match current server with servers from registered servers
-Default status bar color from SSMS Settings

-Added "Set as active connection" and "Add to preferred connection" on SERVER nodes in Object Explorer.
Commands were previously availanle on database nodes only.

-Added possibility to copy/paste single config entries via Clipboard as XML. This feature is enabled for
Scripting templates, Grid Visualisers and Connections. It allows you to copy configuration entries outside
the SSMSBoost, process them in any text editor and paste them back. Purpose: we will add a special
"Scripting templates" thread in user forum, so users can exchange useful scripting templates with each other.

-Preferred connections can be sorted now in settings dialogue

-New option "General Settings"->"Focus Object Explorer After locate" controls whether to move focus to Object
Explorer or leave it in SQL Editor

-Added General->"Show local databases in quick connections switch drop-down" Setting. You can decide if you
want SSMSBoost quick connection switch drop-down to show only preferred connections or also local
databases from current server (these databases are available in native SSMS connection switch drop-down)

-General->"Expand Object after locate" option defines whether to expand object's node after it was located
in Object Explorer tree

-Updated Tao Klerks SqlFormatter.exe to v1.4.1 (Used for formatting feature)

-Locate/Script object command did not work on Synonyms, if they were prefixed with schema name
-Fixed some minor bugs reported by users
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Beta release 2.7

-Added "Find in Results Grid" functionality. Search for strings in results grid using wildcards,
Search for single values or output all results using "Find All" option.
(Accessible via right-click on the Results Grid)

-improved settings editor: multiline text is now easier to edit.
-updated default scripting templates formatting.


Please post issues in this topic: 
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SSMSBoost v2.8Beta released: 

-added Support for spatial data types (Grid scripter)
-Grid Scripter performance increased by 5 times
-Improvements in Find In Grid form: additional search options, new commands on "Find all" results tab
-other minor fixes & improvements
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SSMSBoost v2.9 Beta released: 

If no serious bugs will be found we will make release within next 1-2 days.
Please post your feedback at dedicated topic "v2.9"

-Editor contents history: SSMSBoost regularly makes backup copies of your work to disk.
You can choose events when checkpoints should be made. No copy will be saved if
nothing was changed since last checkpoint to save disk space. You can search in history
using new search form or use standard "find in files" functionality. Pay attention that
this feature is disabled by default and should be enabled in settings.
-Recent Tabs: allows to save quickly current set of tabs. SSMSBoost remembers document
names and their connections. If documents are new and were not saved they will be still
remembered. This feature might help you recover lost work after SSMS crashes or restore
last tabs on the next day. This feature is different to old "Sessions" functionality:
Sessions are kind of "Document sets" or "Projects", which are supposed to live a long
time. "Recent Tabs" is more like standard "Recent documents" functionality. Note: this
feature is disabled by default, you will have to enable it in settings.
-Executed Statements Logging: Saves executed statements with information about execution
results to specified folder. Allows you to find queries that you have run some time ago
and reuse them. Note, that this is the PREVIEW of the feature. Currently only dumping of
executed statements is implemented. In next version we are going to release search form.
Note that format of logging files might be changed.
-New option for "Copy headers" Results Grid feature, allowing to specify if column [names]
should be delimited: always, never or automatically.
-SSMS template parameters syntax <name, type, default value> can be now used in Results
grid scripting templates. We have added option allowing to show dialog for parameters
replacement BEFORE scripting begins. If you want to specify parameters AFTER scripting,
then you can use built-in Template Parameters replacement (Ctrl-Shift-M)
-SSMSBoost install files and .dll are now digitally signed with code-signing certificate.
Hopefully this will make easier installing SSMSBoost in corporate networks.

-Added separate formatters for DATE and TIME types support to Results Grid
scripting templates
-Autoreplacements can now use case-sensitive tokens (can be configured per token)
-Autoreplacements can now use custom symbol to specify new cursor location after
replacement is done (can be different per Autoreplacement)
-Add {ProjectName} and {Connection} patterns to "Custom SSMS window title" feature
-"New query window" parameter will be now "false" by default when
adding Preferred connection.
-When searching in Editor Contents History it is possible to use external configurable
comparison tool to compare different versions or previous version against current file.
-More information is now shown if SSMSBoost fails to establish connection to dead server
-Improvements in "Find in Grid" functionality
-added case-sensivity
-add possibility to mask * and ? via \
-improved working with search results. Just check all available options there.
-Other minor fixes in functionality and usability

-Added missing "LF" in CR/LF in Autoreplacements editor
-Fixed focus behavior, after "Find in Grid" command
-Fixed situation when command sometimes will not appear on toolbar, even if explicitly configured in SSMSBoost.
-Remove SSMS Installation path checks from SSMSBoost installers
-Updated "F" to "G" formatting in standard scripting templates for numbers
-Other small and big fixes
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SSMSBoost v2.10 Beta released.


-Grid scripting engine is now disk-buffered and can script big amounts of data from
results grid.
-Updated parsing engine. "Locate object" and "Script Object" functionality now support
objects in other databases and linked servers. Note, you should have enough rights at
least to see those objects in Object Explorer to have possibility to locate/script them.
-Following parameters can be used in Autoreplacements: {User}, {Server}, {Database},
{Connection}, {Timestamp} , {Timestamp:Format} (.Net datetime format). They will be
replaced by current values from connection/time when autoreplacement is triggered.
-added new standard autoreplacement token "now" (case sensitive) as
'{Timestamp:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff}'.
Use it whenever you need current time in
your scripts. The output will look like: '2013-07-29 12:43:45.487'. Users of previous
versions can add it themselves using values provided above.
-SSMS template parameters syntax <name, type, default value> can be used in
autoreplacements. If autoreplacement has SSMS parameter the parameters replacement
dialog will be shown automatically (this behavior can be changed using global setting)
-New grid scripting template added: INSERT INTO (scripts results grid as a set of
INSERT INTO statements). Users of previous versions can get this template here: 
-added new autoreplacement "sis" (search in sources): simple SQL code to perform search
in source code of database objects using own SQL Server capabilities. Users of previous
versions can get this autoreplacement here: 
-When SSMS environment has no active SQL Editor window the Preferred Connections dropdown
on the toolbar is not disabled anymore. Instead if you choose any preferred connection
a new SQL Editor window will be opened and connected.

-Objects Search window would sometimes not display if database diagram window was active
-Other minor improvements and bugs fixed
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SSMSBoost v2.12 Beta released. 

-Added "Regions" functionality. SSMSBoost supports/reuses existing regions syntax
--#region [Name]
Additionally we have improved this functionality by adding an option to automatically scan for
declared regions upon opening of file. "Regions" Menu on the toolbar includes commands:
"Create region", "Create named region" and "refresh regions". "Create region" commands can be
executed when some part of code is selected to include selection into newly created region.
-Vertical Guidelines for both SSMS 2008 and SSMS 2012 environments. Now you can configure SSMSBoost
to display vertical guidelines at one or more positions. This helps to keep lines width under
control. By default SSMSBoost comes with 3 vertical guidelines at positions 80,100 and 120. You are
free do adapt this setting to your personal preference: define alternative column positions and
color. Please note, that due to implementation differences you need to restart SSMS 2008
for changes to take effect. Changes in SSMS 2012 are visible immediately.
-"Recover last closed tab" button added to toolbar. SSMSBoost allows you to recover even
unsaved documents.
-SSMS 2012 always sets "IntelliSence autocompletion" to "On" whenever you open a new query window.
This is unfixed bug confirmed by Microsoft. We have added the possibility to define global default
setting for IntelliSense behaviour. See General Settings->"Intellisense enabled by default" option.

-When scripting objects to new window using SSMSBoost "script object" command (F2) the new
tab name is pre-initialized with configurable filename instead of "QueryN.sql". Filename can be
customized in General Settings->Scripting->Filename Customizaion and can contain
object name and schema.
-Autoreplacements can be configured to be triggered not only by enter/tab/space but by any
character as well, like "("
-Autoreplacements can be provided with optional Displayname, which can be helpful when scrolling
through the list of existing autoreplacements.
-Autoreplacements can be disabled by setting "Autoreplacements trigger" to None
-Improved compatibility when working with SQL2000 databases
-Due to improvements of "Recent tabs" functionality we had to rename "Sessions" to "Workspaces".
"Workspace" (old "Session") is a permanent set of documents and their connections that can be
loaded instantly loaded into SSMS. It is useful for daily recurring tasks, where you work with
known set of documents.
-"Recent Tabs" functionality contains now list of recent documents including their connections.
"Recent tabs"->"Sessions" contains list of recent Sessions, where last working environment can be
restored completely with all documents and their connections. SSMSBoost recovers documents even if
they were not saved by user (unsaved QueryN.sql documents)
-Objects Search form can now script/copy multiple objects selected in search results
-Selecting part of identifier and running locate/script command will force SSMSBoost to consider
only selected sub-string.
-Editor Contents History: Added original file path, event and timestamp header to autosaved files.
-Improved behaviour: to save start-up time SSMSBoost will not open documents mentioned in preferred
connections (open at start-up) if SSMS is started with command-line parameters.
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Updated 2.12 beta release: 

-Improved GOTO BEGIN/END performance on large files
-Added "Max document size" parameter under "Editor Contents History".If document exceeds specified
size in bytes neither it's contents history will be logged, nor the execution history will be
saved. Set to 0 - to remove limitation. Default limit is 10MB. Used to prevent SSMSBoost from
saving history of database content dumps loaded as huge .sql files, consuming disk space and
decreasing performance.
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Beta v 2.13 released: 

-SSMS 2014 is now Supported !
-New Formatter with user-customizeable templates. Allows deep customization of formatter options.
Note, this is first release with some kind of preview status. Previous formatter is available
through "Old fashion formatter style" option on the toolbar. We encourage all enhusiasts to use
new formatter and write us your feedback and maybe even send your formatting templates.
-Recent Connections list (see "Recent" menu)
-Added "Max document size" for SQL Editor history feature. Customize this value if you do not want
to create history entries for example for scripted data.

-Overall startup speed improvement
-Created "SSMSBoost" menu right after "Tools" menu. Cleaned-up SSMSBoost toolbar and moved some
commands there
-Created custom icons for SSMSBoost commands for Toolbar, SQLEditor context menu and
grid context menu
-Recent connections and recent sessions are moved to specialized launchers (see "Recent" menu)
-Moved the way autoreplacements, grid scripting templates,preferred connections, workspaces and
recent connections were saved: instead of using one big settings file, each entry is now saved as
separate XML file on disk. This enables you to easily customize, share and backup your data. But be
caferull with modifications: do not corrupt the files.
-Complete redesign of Settings dialog
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Beta of v2.14 released: 

-Fatal Actions Guard: monitors executed batches and warns or blocks (configurable)
DELETE and UPDATE statements without WHERE clause, or TRUNCATE TABLE statements. Additionally you
are free to define additional tokens that can be blocked or will cause warning to appear. Feature
can be individually enabled or disabled for preferred connections as well as default state can be
defined for all other connections. See settings dialog
-Edit Top N Rows: use this standard SSMS feature, previously available only from object explorer now
directly in SQL Editor. Right-click any table and select "Edit Top N Rows". Standard table data
editor will be opened. "N" - number of rows can be defines in Standart SSMS Settings under
Tools->Options->SQL Server Object Explorer->"Value for Edit Top <n> Rows command.

-Grid Scripting: added "Open output files in SSMS or Assiciated application" option
-Grid Scripting: added "Paste result in New Script window" option (when scripting to clipboard)
-Grid Scripting: added "Close dialog after scripting" option
-Autoreplacements: added option to make replaced text selected after autoreplacement was triggered.
-Autoreplacements: added global option to trigger autoreplacement even if native SSMS Intellisense
drop-down is shown
-GridVisualizers: added parameter to define default scripting folder for Grid Visualizers
-Editor History: new configurable trigger "write on on execute"
-Recent connections: added possibility to add recent connection to preferred connections
-Settings dialog: added "copy to clipboard" links for all template paths
-Settings dialog: settings tree has got keyword filter. Just type "connection", "delete", "grid" and
settings tree will be reduced to relevant pages
-UI Fixes: Worspaces are now sorted by name, restored ability to sort preferred connections
-Internal improvements to Installer, handling special security cases
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Beta of v2.15 released: 

-Columns finder. Allows to find column by name among current or all present results grid.
Right-click results grid and choose "Find column" to use this feature.
-New realtime SQL Formatting styles templates editor.
See SSMSBoost menu->"SQL Formatting styles templates editor". Changes are applied directly
to currently opened document during the modification of formatting template. Test it.
-Updates checker. (Disabled by default, can be enabled unter Settings->Updates check)

-Pressing Ctrl-F in Results Grid will activate "Find in Grid" dialog. It was not possible
to re-assign this shortcut using available means, so we have implemented a workaround.
-Added UPPERCASE/LOWERCASE option to formatting templates. See TextCase->KeywordCase parameter.
Note, due to some limitations implementation of this function requires a lot of time and special
handling for some keywords. If you find keywords not affected by this setting please report them
in our formum.
-Now you can use regular expressions to search in Results Grid
-A lot of improvements to Fatal Actions Guard. Just open Settings->Fatal Actions Guard and
have a look at new options. We have added the possibility to ignore particular tables, to
disable the guard with custom "magic tokens", ignore temporary tables and variables.
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SSMSBoost Beta v2.16 released 


-New possibilities in Grid Visualizers: now you can use cell contents directly as command line
command or arguments. This allows you to call external applications passing ID's of your database
objects, or even better: search Google or Wikipedia directly for strings from your database !
2 new templates ("Search in google" and "Search in Wikipedia") will be added to your collection.

-Now you can place grid scripting results to clipboard and set one of 3 available clipboard formats:
Text, HTML or XMLSpreadsheet. Default templates are updated, so you can script results to clipboard
as XML Spreadsheet using default template and paste them directly to Excel. Same will work with
HTML Template: you can paste results directly to Outlook. Note, that scripting of HUGE volumes of
data might be limited by available memory. This functionality is designed for reasonable amounts
of data.

-Run your database query directly in Excel: select single SQL expression, press Excel button on the
toolbar. SSMSBoost will export query and current connection information as Microsoft Database Query
(.dby) format, which can be directly opened by Excel. Advantage is that data exported to Excel is
not static: you can refresh it anytime from excel and use for reports or pivot tables. Note that
this format has some limitations: only single SQL statement is supported and some other limitations
may apply. Read (.dby) documentation to learn about this format. And yes, this feature can be used
to restore your forgotten SQL Server Authentication passwords, if you still have connection
"remembered" in SSMS. See SSMSBoost Settings->"Database Query (.dby)" for more information.

-Added "Copy Full Name to Clipboard" functionality in Object Explorer context menu for
Tables/View/Stored Procedures/Functions and some other objects. Object name is copied along with
Schema and Database.

-Improved Find Grid Column dialog: added display of datatypes, added short in-place help.
-Regions: added possibility to expand automatically all regions on document open.
See "Regions" settings.
-Possibility to let SSMSBoost to try to keep database with the same name active, while switching
between different servers (for example DEV and PROD servers). To allow this functionality to work
you must use Quick Connections Switch to switch between Preferred Connections and destination
Preferred Connection should not contain pre-set database name. See "Preferred Connections" settings
-Code Guard: added possibility to treat JOIN as WHERE (meaning that such expressions are not
"dangerous" anymore)
-Code Guard: added information about line number where dangerous expression was found.
-Fixed: Restored "Intellisense completion mode" option, that has disappeared in 2.14. This option
allows to pre-define "Intellisense completion mode" for new windows. This possibility has
disappeared in native SSMS settings since SSMS 2012.
-Fixed: Ctrl-F shortcut in Results Grid (sometimes Find in Grid form did not appear)
-Fixed {PASTE} token documentation in Autoreplacements dialog
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SSMSBoost Beta v2.18 released 

-Results Grid aggregates. Aggregates are shown for selected cells.
-Copy selected data as XML spreadsheet (Excel). Right-click selected data in Results Grid
and choose "Copy selection as XML Spreadsheet".

-Region start (--#region) and end (--#endregion) tokens can be customized to meet your
team's standards.
-Wildcards (*,?) are now allowed in "Find column in Results Grid". + improved user experience.
-"Match full cell" option added to "Find Data in Results Grid". + improved user experience.
-"Grid Scripting", "Find column in Results Grid", "Find Data in Results Grid" dialogs are now
implemented as tool windows and can be docked in SSMS environment. This improves user experience,
if you use them frequently.
-Improved fatal actions guard output. Dialog can now show long list of warnings in usable form.
-Improved UI experience when creating first custom formatting template.
-Features usage statistics dialog shows now approximate time, SSMSBoost saved you.
Values are approximate. Check SSMSBoost menu->Feature usage statistics.
-Improved resistance against corrupt config files.
-Fixed non-latin symbols export when scripting data for excel.
-Fixed "inconsistent end of line" issue in templates. Open/Save settings to update your templates.
-Fixed performance issues, when object explorer is connected to slow or unreacheable servers.
-Fixed installer to work after Windows 10 TH2 update.
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We are happy to announce Beta/Release candidate of v3.0 

You will not be able to activate this beta-release. Licensing functionality is completely disabled. It will run for 60 days in full-functional trial mode.
Reason: activation functions require new website, that is currently in preparation and will be released in next weeks.
Also Auto-update functionality is disabled (because it is also bound to the website).
Please write comments and proposals here, we are always happy to get the feedback !

-Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement. Press CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN (when you are in Columns
block) or CTRL-SHIFT-UP (when you are in VALUES block). Cursor will jump to the corresponding
Column/Value. (This hotkeys also allow to jump between BEGIN/END statements)
-Query post execution actions: get notification after query completes execution.
This is useful when you start long-running queries and switch to another script or
application. You will be notified by popup or system tray message. We will extend this
functionality in further releases, adding the possibility to send e-mail on query completion
or execute another action. Write us your ideas and send your post-execution scripts !

-Added {ColumnType} parameter to grid scripting template. Now, based on any grid content, you can
automatically generate CREATE TABLE scripts. Useful, for example, when you want to create #tempTable
CREATE statement based on Stored Procedure output. (See CREATE TABLE scripting template)
-Added NString formatter to grid scripting templates. It allows to create own output formatting for
NCHAR, NVARCHAR and other N-string types.
-Re-designed SSMSBoost menu structure. Now you can find all SSMSBoost commands under SSMSBoost menu.
Study it and learn all available functionality. Re-design was necessary in preparation for SSMS 2016.
-Added SUM over BIT fields in ResultsGrid Aggregates
-Added parameter: Number of recent connetion to remember.

-Improved usability of Objects Search dialog / UI fixes.
-Fixed bug with recursive regions parsing
-Fixed bug with Unicode strings, placed as HTML to clipboard.
(Grid scripting as HTML with further insertion in Outlook or Word)
-Added new counters to "Usage statistics".
-Improved code guard to ignore cases, when aliased temporary #table is used.
-Further internal improvements to increase compatibility with mixed installations of several SSMS
versions, when several DLL versions are present in the system.
-Better handling of corrupted settings
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SSMSBoost Beta v3.3
We are happy to announce Beta of v3.3 

SSMSBoost v3.3
-Post-Execution handlers are now powerful tool, allowing you to trigger different actions in SSMS,
after query execution is finished. SSMSBoost can be configured to execute command line
(or PowerShell) script, if query execution exceeds specific time-limit. Script can reference
executed query text, execution result, ResultsGrid data. Handlers can be triggered manually, using
Post-Exection handlers tool window (see new icon on the toolbar). Possible usage scenarios:
-Configure SSMS to send you the e-mail via outlook, when very-long queries finish execution.
Start long-running db maintenance query and go home. Receive execution result per e-mail when
it is finished.
-For debugging or educational purposes: save long-running queries source text to some specific
file location or database table for later analysis and improvement
-Pre-configure automatic steps for manual post-execution, like: script ResultsGrid to File as
Excel / Send it per E-mail as attachment
-Send "query execution complete" to yourself using your favorite messaging system, if it allows
to send messages from command line.
NOTE:here we provide only a couple of examples of possible usage of the functionality. We would be
glad to hear about your usage cases and receive your scripts. NONE of default Post-Execution
handlers is enabled for automatic triggering. Please review the list and set your preferred
parameters / triggering limits.
-Added support for SSMS 17.5
-Improved preferred connection switching logic: connection will be completely closed and re-opened,
if one of these parameters differ from the current connection: Server, User credentials, Additional
connection parameters. If not - only a database context is performed ("USE DATABASE")
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SSMSBoost v3.4 Release Candidate is released.
Please download, test and report here any issues you will find.
If no significant errors will be found, we will push this version as final release in about 1 week.


-NEW Source Highlighting feature (works from SSMS 2012 and above):
-BEGIN/END pairs of current block are highlighted
-Highlighting of occurrences currently selected in the script
-Highlighting of ColumnName/Value pairs in INSERT statements
-More highlighters will follow in next versions. Write us your ideas and proposals to
-Improved speed of Locate/Script object functionality
-Improved Azure support
-Improved error handling/reporting
-Fixed handling of special characters, like CHAR(1), which would lead sometimes to crash 
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Dear users, new Version (Beta or Release) of v 3.8 will be published this week.
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