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I'd like to have an ability to record a list schema & table names (perhaps by SQL Server database) along with an alias for each. Then, when typing a statement in a query window, provide an auto-replace-like function where if you are in a FROM clause and type the alias, SSMSBoost would automatically replace it with [schema name].[table name] AS [alias] (the "AS" could be an option setting since not required in the FROM statement). For example if I had a table bus.tblProjects with an alias of PRJ then typing PRJ in a FROM clause would trigger a replacement of bas.tblProjects AS PRJ or bas.tblProjects PRJ.

Maintaining he list by database would allow re-use of aliases between databases.

An additional feature would be for SSMSBoost to use foreign key relationships for context sensitive intellisense options in the FROM clause to list possible join statements to related tables (along w/aliases). Continuing w/above example, after replacement of the PRJ alias, user types a space and an intellisense list would appear with INNER JOIN options to related tables with aliases. One such table might be an employees table, the selection of which would end up with an auto statement of INNER JOIN tblEmployees EMP ON EMP.Employee_ID = PRJ.Mgr_ID. Perhaps the intellisense list could somehow provide a toggle to allow the user to quickly choose between INNER, FULL, LEFT or RIGHT joins.
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The first proposal can be already realized using "autoreplacements". The limitation of the current solution is that it is not database-dependent and is not "FROM"-case dependent. It will replace "PRJ" everywhere.
Can you try this out and evaluate, if it might be already helping in your situation?

The second proposal concerning Intellisense: currently we do not plan to add any own Intellisense because Microsoft keeps improving SSMS native built-in intellisense and it works already pretty good and because "Intellisense" is a separate,
huge field of development, which will be enough for a separate add-in.
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