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I have installed the version v3.3.6690.
When I start SSMS I receive the message that I need upgrade to PRO version or download a newer version, but I have installed latest version, visiting www.ssmsboost.com , there is no newer version than the one I have already installed.

The About/License box tells me:

License Type: Community

You are running SSMSBoost in free Community mode. At least every 120 days you have to download newer realease of the product (74 days remaining)

I also tried requesting a new Community license, which appears to be accepted, but also does not change anything.

What is the problem?
How do I reactivate/extend my Community license?

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I'm having the same issue, I went out and got another Community license and applied it, but it's still telling me it's expired. Help!
Mark Ryan
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I've read elsewhere in the forum, they may release the next update on 1/10/2019
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LOL, that's a ways away. I know they had a Beta version you could install when this happened last time that would 'reset' your license.
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We have released v3.5 today:
SSMSBoost v3.5
-Supports latest SSMS releases: SSMS 17.9 and SSMS 18.0 Preview 6
-NEW feature "Select current statement" command. Default shortcut: Shift+F5
-COLUMN/VALUE pairs are now highlighted in INSERT .. SELECT statement.
(Previously feature worked only in INSERT .. VALUES statement)
-"Highlight repetitions" feature can now be configured to work case-sensitive and uses
customizable regex pattern to look for repetitions of the selection
-Safety: "No" is now default action button in "Fatal actions guard" confirmation dialogs
-Wildcards can now be used to define tables, ignored by "Fatal actions guard"
-Added "Show only frozen" filter to "Open recent.." dialogs
-Added "Restore connection" control option to "Open recent tab" dialog
-DataGrid returns max 10MB of data in a single cell which affects "Visualize" functionality.
SSMSBoost will now show warning message if this situation occurs and data was truncated
-Preferred connections can now be tested directly from Settings dialog
-Added display of "NULLs count" and "Count" for binary columns in "Aggregates" dialog
-Floating info tooltips have now "copy to clipboard button"
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Is it worth waiting for an update for a week, for a Community license? or all the same while moving on to solutions from other developers
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